Kesar Pista Firni !!!

DSC_0674 Firni is well remembered just after eating a biryani and is often termed as shahi delicacy but its worth a try at home …. Ingredients :  Milk 4 cups , Rice 1/4 Cup (Soaked in water for an hour) , Sugar 1 Cup , Kesar (Saffron ) ( soaked in cold milk for about 15 mins quantity enough for making a colour of the milk deep yellow ), finely chopped Pistachio (50 gms) for garnishing . medium sized terracotta  bowls soaked in water for about 10 minutes for serving the firni . Servings : 4 to 5 , Method : Take a non -stick  deep pan without a lid. turn the gas flame on medium and add 4 cup of milk  and slowly keep stiring it until it starts to boil . Meanwhile make a paste of 1/4 cup of rice soaked in water , but the paste should not be very smooth its should have rice granules . Once the milk starts boiling  add the rice paste and slowly stir the milk mixture  for two minutes and then add kesar strands soaked in milk . Kesar strands will give the whole mixture a nice yellow col0ur . Stir the milk until it thickens down to a custard texture . Now add one cup of sugar to the milk . It will dilute the milk mixture a little as sugar starts dissolving fast when hot. for about 10  minutes keep stirring the ready firni so that it doesn’t stick to bottom of the pan and dilutes the sugar well . Take the water soaked medium sized terracotta  bowls and pour the firni mixture in equal quantities . Add finely chopped pistachio on top of the dish and cool it in refrigerator for about an hour before serving it your guests . Enjoy this tasty recipe …..and do post your comments here . Note : For diabetic patients you may add sugar free as per your taste instead of sugar.


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