Mal Pua !!!


A Indian dessert and my mum’s speciality. This festive season I cooked it for my family and my family loved it. They refuse to even share it with other extended family members (How mean one can get ….lol) This dish is dedicated to my mother who taught me to stay calm in adversities and find the hidden inner strength in you in need . She is an awesome cook, my inspiration , and the women behind my success. To Mumma with love ❤

Ingredients :  2 cups of refined flour, 3 ripe bananas totality mashed with the help of a grater, 3 cups sugar powder,1 cup whole fat milk,  1 tablespoon chopped pistachio, 1 teaspoon saffron strands, 1 teaspoon grounded green cardamom. Ghee for deep frying the malpus’s.

Servings : 4

Method : This process takes a day before preparation time. But trust me the taste is awesome and divine. first mix well refined flour, milk , bananas and 1 cup sugar and try to make an absolute lump free smooth batter out of it having flowing consistency. Keep this mixture fully tide up in a container in room temperature overnight. this overnight preservation of batter will give the batter a smooth free flow texture the next day making it easier to cook as frying it is little tricky. Now next day firstly prepare sugar syrup out of the remaining powdered syrup of one strand consistency. One strand consistency is very simple to get you just need to heat up sugar and water till the time sugar gets slight sticky ( dip your finger to check ) and forms only one strand attached between two fingers. We do not need very thick sugar syrup as it will solidify and fried malpua’s wont suck in thick syrup making it bland in taste.Once the sugar syrup is ready you just need to add in saffron strands and green cardamom crushed to give it a nice sweetish flavour and golden colour due to saffron. Once the sugar syrup is ready you are ready to fry the malpuas with a deep ridge spatula. Keep the sugar syrup near to the deep frying pan and heat the  pan containing generous amount of ghee and heat it in low flame . Fill the deep ridged spatula with the batter and slowly pour the liquid into the heated ghee. Wait for few seconds the malpua’s will automatically rise and leave the pan bottom. Fry it till golden brown and crispy . Once fried immediately dip it in the sugar syrup and keep it for 10 minutes and eat it immediately. You may store this in refrigerator and eat it later.


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