Cardamom Flavoured Cold Coffee !!!


Coffee goes well with chocolate we all know that. I wanted to break the monotony for a while and experimented some different aroma and guess what it turned out to be more refreshing than my old cold coffee recipe. Its always fun to go against the stereotype and I thoroughly enjoy my experiments in the kitchen. Today I have reason to celebrate as my experiment turned out to be great. So lets go for it ….

Ingredients :

Coffee concoction: 6 to 7 teaspoons of instant coffee (Nescafe original will suffice), 8 to 10 teaspoon of hot water . Mix it and keep aside, 1 teaspoon of cardamom powder very fine powder is what we require but if you have little coarseness will do ….don’t worry,4 teaspoons of powdered sugar , 3 cups of cold milk, 2 teaspoons of fresh cream, Ice cubes if you prefer it to be icy cold(Optional).

Servings : 2

Method : We have already prepared coffee concoction so we have nothing to wait for just mix all the ingredients together in a blender for a good amount of 4 to 5 mins. Pour in your favourite cold coffee glass and grab a book. Sit , enjoy the winter sunshine and sip the cold coffee with a difference …the perfect recipe for a casual day out with yourself.

Happy Experimenting !!!


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