Banana split with whole wheat pancakes !!!


I have a giant sweet tooth and have no regrets as I sweat it out to meet break even (Lol). I have never experimented with bananas as its my least favourite in fruits. But to my surprise my experiment with banana turned out to be really awesome and tasty. Most importantly it sufficed my giant sweet tooth and hungry tummy today morning .So never say never is the right quote for me now as I am having hots for these yummy caramelized banana splits. Try it !!!

Ingredients :

For banana split : 2 ripe bananas slit into two halves, 1 cup brown sugar, 1 tablespoon butter, 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder, 2 tablespoon rum  .

For whole wheat pan cakes : 1 cup whole wheat flour, 2 tablespoon sugar, 2 beaten eggs, 1 cup milk , 1 teaspoon vanilla essence. Oil for greasing pancake edges.

Servings : 2

Method : Just make the pancakes first in order to do that you just need to mix all the ingredients keep it for 15 minutes and spread it in a flat pan on medium flame grease it with oil and bake it from both sides. Pancakes just get ready in a flow.

Now the easiest part is making banana split. Once you heat the butter in a pan add brown sugar and on slow flame heat it till sugar melts . Add cinnamon powder and bananas to it and coat the bananas well. Add rum and switch of the flame. plate the bananas over the pancakes and serve hot with fruits or simple whipped cream .

Happy Eating !!!


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