Mocha Slush !!!


It was Hot …really hot ….in kolkata today and time for something cooler was inevitable. Yes its March and cold breezes and morning fogs just vanished ….tufffff. So I opened my fridge and nothing interesting was kept inside ….so time for me to step in the kitchen and make something of my own…..and today’s special was Mocha slush as I was not feeling too good about sipping a cold coffee in some cafe outside home… tadaaaaaaaaan……note down the heavenly recipe if you need the chill too !!!

Ingredients : 1 cup ice cubes, 3 tablespoon of vanilla ice-cream, 2 tablespoon of chocolate syrup, 2 teaspoon of brown sugar powder, 3 teaspoons of instant coffee for coffee concoction.

Servings : 2

Method : Make coffee concoction my mixing 3 teaspoon of coffee powder with 8 teaspoons of hot water. keep it aside and cool at room temperature. Crush the ice in blender and add coffee concoction and vanilla ice-cream along with brown sugar powder. and blend for another minute. Add chocolate syrup and blend it in the blender with full power for 30 seconds and your mocha slush is ready. A combination of coffee and chocolate ….the Mocha slush is ready. Serve it chill.


7 thoughts on “Mocha Slush !!!

  1. Zaman Mirza says:

    Thanks a ton Nisha. It was yum.
    You realise you’re making life delicious for a lot of us. Thought I’d let you know. :))


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