Hungerstruck Daily !!!

Hungerstruck was an initiative I started in October when I thought my dishes need to reach out to bigger audiences than just my sweet supportive family. I identified this passion last year when I was all by myself , not working and settled in an totally alien environment . It was my foodie husband who appreciated my cooking , I can say my best and worst critic . He undoubtedly  tasted each dish everyday and use to remark genuinely. He brought me more closer to my passion and I cant thank more for this .

Lately I am not writing a lot (I am so not liking this) and my dishes are pilling up in my desktop folder . Everyday I make a point to cook or think of something new ……and trust me I am slogging much more now than previously as I have set a bar for myself to grow more mature in dishes I cook now. Cooking is not only my only stress-buster  , its the second best thing after travelling that I enjoy. I have made up my mind no matter what ……no more delays in posting articles on my blog.So soon I will be posting my fusion n classic recipes . Stay tuned for much more drama from my side. As Hungerstruck will be much more fun to read and follow.


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