Hungerstruck Daily : Happy face Happy Platter !!!


I have so far posted so many recipes all tried and tasted by me personally. If I find them not so finger-licking good, I do not post them. That’s my way. One day I was checking my DSLR memory card and I saw few dishes which looks good in picture but I never posted them. Its simply because I felt they tasted weird or may not be my kind of dish . It made me re-think why I failed those few times though I followed the recipes well or used few evergreen hit ingredients. I was SIMPLY missing out the key ingredient , I was  not happy those days. I was tensed or may be off my mood or had a disastrous day . Art doesn’t trigger on deadlines only PPT presentations happen. Cooking is an art which reflects your state of mind , your thought process, your emotions. If you are not happy inside it wont reflect in your served platter.

Stress , work pressure , fights, health troubles , whole night sobbing, regrets…. these are all negativities  which just hinders your happy mind. If you do not like cooking don’t do. Spare the people eating the disastrous food they would probably gulp to just make you happy. Cooking or rather any creative work should be done with happy face. Else ….u know what happens next.

I just shared this thought to my readers, to just have a penned down note in my head to invest time and effort when I really really want to do it …!

Soooooo ……Happy eating only possible  when we are happy ……..COOKING !!!


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