Loaded Cheese and Tomato Bread !!!


Early morning breakfast with family makes your start for the day better. Its an old saying ..”family that eats together stays together” . I completely believe in this philosophy as bonding is very important. I inculcated this habit from my father and I always make it a point to share at least one meal a day with my family if two even better. For that if breakfast menu turns out to be cheesy and crispy what more can we ask for. I cooked breakfast and strategically placed it on one platter so that all can sit together and share from the same plate. These small little tricks can never go wrong and if you add cheese to this trick all will just sniff around table like mice.  I had a very energetic and lovely morning , work was good day ended up very well. Why not just do these silly little things to stay connected in this world of smart phones and internet extravaganza . Do think about it !

Ingredients : cheese and garlic loaf (whole), thin slices of one large tomato, thin slices of mozzarella cheese, 1 teaspoon mixed dry herbs, 1 teaspoon oregano. 1 teaspoon pepper , salt to taste, 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Servings : 4

Method : Take the loaf and try to make sliced ridges in equal distance (sounding like Geometry but don’t worry its easy) keeping the bread intact. Mix all the dry herbs and salt . Now take cheese slices and tomato slices and fill in the ridges alternatively. Do it with ease so that you do not overload the ridges and slices get detached from each other. It should be like a full loaf with envelops filled with cheese and tomato. Now sprinkle the dry herb and salt mixture over the top and keep the whole bread on a heated flat pan ( pan over burner) all covered by a lid. after 1 minutes add in the olive oil so that we can avoid the bread getting stuck at the bottom or getting burnt. again cover the lid . Simmer the burner flame and cook till the cheese starts melting from the sides. Once done serve it in a platter and juts cut the slices with a knife and enjoy the wholesome breakfast with your favourite tea or coffee.



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