Jungli Mutton !!!


Its not a wild goat we are cooking here but this name originally came from state of Rajasthan where the richness and flavour in the dishes are emphasised with loads of whole spices and dry red chillies as this region is deprived of enough vegetables and greenery . I have been to Rajasthan once for a college trip and that was my most hectic and learning experience ever. People are just as great as their culture and heritage and they are more than welcoming, even if you drop in without notice . My roots are from Bikaner and somewhere I connect to this place . Jungli mutton is Rajasthani version of goat meat preparation and often eaten with bajra roti . loads of dry red chilly and garlic make the dish look royal . Do try this at home !

Ingredients : 1 kilogram of goat meat pieces with bone, 1 tablespoon of red chilly and garlic paste , 1 teaspoon of ginger paste, salt to taste, 1 cup yoghurt,1 teaspoon cinnamon powder,1 teaspoon cumin seeds,  1 tablespoon Kashmir red chilly powder, 3 to 4 dry red chillies, 1 cinnamon stick , 2 to 3 large cardamoms, 1 tablespoon sliced garlic , 1 cup sliced onions, 1 bay leaf , ghee or butter for cooking.

Servings : 5 to 6

Method : Marination is a very important factor when cooking mutton . To cook red meat marination for a longer time makes it tender and soft while dish is ready . So first step is to marinate the mutton with garlic and red chilly paste, salt and keep it for half n hour. Again add in yoghurt , cinnamon powder and mix it with thoroughly and keep it in refrigerator all covered up for minimum 2 hours . Once marinated take the mutton out and heat a pressure cooker . Add in ghee and let it warm up a bit , Once Ghee is fuming hot add in dry red chillies whole ,bay leaf,  cumin seed, sliced garlic , large cardamoms, and cinnamon stick . Sauté it once garlic slices are golden and add in onion slices. Sauté it until onions are transparent and reduced half in quantity. Now add in mutton and cook for 20 minutes on high flame . after this add Kashmir red chilly powder and salt to taste and cook for another 25 minutes. Once the meat starts separating the fat and oil and mutton quantity reduces to half and colour changes to rich dark red colour its ready for pressure cooking now. Please do not think mutton is done yet to have a perfect goat meat dish we need to soften the meat by pressure cooking. add in 2 cups of water and pressure cook on high flame for 2 whistles and on low for 3 whistles. Mutton is ready and tender within to eat. Serve hot with any sort of bread or pulao . .